Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi babe! Welcome to GirlloveShopping! We're having super stock clearance SALE! All items are original Loyer.Mod high quality clothing, those kind that you'll found in boutiqes. And most importantly,what you see is what you get.

>> Woot!! It's nearing the end of year every blog shop do,we'll be doing house cleaning too..yay!! Which means, good news for u babes!

>> All items prices were slashed for way more lower than the cost price... So it's ether RM20 or RM30!!

>>What's more interesting? Postage is free!!..what a deal rite?

Note: Sold out items have been removed from list.

No reservations can be made for these clothes,unless 50% deposit is pay upon reservation. And please,please ladies..if you're not interested in the items that you have reserved,please have the tendency to let me know. Don't just go missing and pretend that you've never reserved anything.I lost a lot of potential buyer due to selfish people like this.Please be considerate ok,if u don't want it anymore,it's ok, u wont be jailed..duh! just let me know,alrite?capeesh?

Happy Shopping gals!!

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